Competition Statistics Playing Online Poker Gambling

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Competition Statistics Playing Online Poker Gambling – In the world of online poker gambling, of course, you have rivals that you have to beat to win online poker gambling.

In recent poker site popularity statistics, leads the online poker market with 25,000 ‘Real Cash’ players. This is well ahead of the nearest Full Tilt Poker competition which has around 15,000 ‘real money’ players. Full Poker Tilt has seen a decline in player numbers in the first few weeks of February. From the 20,000 average ‘real money’ player the number has dropped to around 15,000 players. This does not bode well for the site and there is some catching up to do. PokerStars has moved forward with an average figure as high as 35,000 ‘real money’ players out of 25000. However, there are clear signs that the top 2 idnpoker sites are way ahead of other online poker sites. There are many features that attract players to these 2 sites.

Competition Statistics Playing Online Poker Gambling

Some other sites that have less than 10,000 ‘real money’ players are Party Poker and ipoker. Recently iPoker lost control and the average number of players dropped to around 4700 but recently the number has started to increase which indicates a better performance of the site. The list of active poker websites is quite long but as the list goes down the number of ‘real money’ players decreases dramatically. The performance of a poker site depends on marketing strategy, usability, user interface, tournaments, bonuses and a number of other factors.

The list of websites that have over 1000 players includes Ongame which has around 5000 players, Cereus which has around 2000 players, International at nearly 5000 and the MicroGaming Network around 3000. With newer technologies making launching poker sites easier, competition among sites Poker is set to increase. However, the majority of online poker revenue will continue to be on reputable websites. Poker websites barely reveal their earnings but the top sites make millions of dollars in gaming money. Poker and online gaming are illegal in the United States and as a result, bankrolling funds have fallen drastically. If online poker were legalized in the United States, one would surely see a huge increase in online poker revenue.

In Cake Poker’s ranking list, Entraction, Pacific Poker and Svenska Spel are a few other names. Some websites accept US players but many do not, considering that online gambling is illegal in the US. Online poker is becoming popular in Europe, Latin America and Asia and we are seeing many launches happening in these regions. With the US still undecided on the matter, operators are looking for other destinations where online poker is legal.