Complete Guide to How to Play Slot Games on Android

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Complete Guide to How to Play Slot Games on Android

Did you know that how to play slot gambling at a casino is very different from how to play online slots on Android?

If you have ever played slots at a casino, surely you know that slot machines have a myriad of buttons on the betting panel.

There are many buttons that you have to use, starting from the spin, auto play, bet, paylines, to cash out buttons.

It’s different if you play online slots on Android, you don’t need to bother pressing these buttons because the online version of the slot game is simpler and easier to play.

In this article, I will review the basics of slot games and how to play slots on Android properly and correctly.

Basic Android Online Slot Gambling Games

Knowing the RTP in slot games

Maybe not many know about RTP.

RTP stands for “Return To Player” which in Indonesian means “Return for Player”.

The RTP is used to determine the amount of money returned by the slot machine to the winning player.

The average online slot game in Indonesia has a high RTP of 90% and above.

When you play a slot with an RTP of 96% with a bet of 1000 rupiah and win, the machine will return your winnings of 960 rupiah. Discount of 40 rupiah for machine maintenance costs.

Read the PayTables table

In every slot game on Android, there must be a pay table or paytables. You can find this payment table in the information menu (i).

Many players do not read this table, because it is considered not to affect the spin results. But therein lies the mistake.

By reading the pay tables, you will know how much jackpot you will get. And how much additional bonuses are there in the game. Of course this will make you more excited about playing because of the fantastic jackpot.

Distinguish between Pay Lines and All Ways

When playing slot gambling, the important thing you need to pay attention to is the chance to win.

Not all slot machines use the “Pay Lines” winning line in their game. But there are also those who wear “All Ways”.

Pay Lines or Win Lines are winning lines printed on a slot machine.

If a slot machine determines a winning line of 20 Lines, then players can place bets starting from 1 Line to 20 Lines.

If the player makes a 1 Line bet, then the player must get a drawing pattern in sequence (horizontally) to win. However, if the player plays a lot of lines, the player’s chances of winning are wide open. The winning line can be from a horizontal or a diagonal line.

The “All Ways” slot has no win lines. But it’s more about how to win.

In general, All Ways slots provide 243 and 720 ways to win.

To win at this slot, you only need to get the same picture pattern on each reel line.

For example, you get 2 coin images on the top reel, then 2 coins on the middle reel and 2 more coins on the bottom reel, then you will get a win.

How to Play Real Money Online Slots on Android

As we all know that playing real money slot gambling is much more fun and easier.

To play, you must have a gambling account that you can get from an official online slot site in Indonesia.

The first step you have to do is visit the Slots Account site and register on the registration page provided.

After registering, you will get a user ID and password that you can use to log in. Don’t forget to make a deposit transaction by contacting the Slots Account customer service so you can immediately play.

Then you can immediately select the slot game panel at the top of the site page.

There are seven slot game providers available. Each provider has tens to hundreds of exciting games. And with just 1 ID you can play all available slot games.

Start playing by reading the pay table.

Press the bet button to determine at what betting number you will play.

Then press the spin button to spin the reel containing the image or number pattern on the slot machine.

Use the auto play button if you are lazy to press the spin button repeatedly.

That’s complete information about how to play slots on Android. Hopefully my review is useful and can add insight to all of us. See you in my next article.